Free Car Inspection

I don’t condone or recommend what is written, its just something that brought me personal pleasure for a few years.

I have been participating in a little project to gain a free years car inspection.  As far as I know, this project is my own idea, how good the idea is, remains debatable.  Here in PA, we must get our vehicle inspected annually which I find annoying and expensive.

Nearly every year, I drop off the car, and wait for the phone to ring.

“Yes, hello, its Greasy Wrench calling, it appears the z-clamp which connects to the oil roaster could fail at any time, do you want us to replace it?”

Me, “is it important?”

Greasy Wrench, “Haha, no it serves no purpose, it just dangles between two metal bars, but like I said, yours is about to fail.  I recommend you take care of it, if the oil roaster falls off, its $300 to get a new one.”

Me, “Okay, lets fix it.”

This, or a similar conversation happens nearly every year, frankly I don’t enjoy it.  I’m amazed that my vehicles rarely break down, yet, every time they are inspected, they are apparently on the cusp of catastrophe.  I assumed this situation was just one of life’s happy irritants, like springtime allergies and backwards toilet paper rolls.  One year, I forgot my inspection, and my assumptions were turned upside down.

I was shocked that the vehicle could even run past the inspection sticker date.

Yet, the car continued to function, and my mind began to form a plot.  For the sake of the story, we’ll say my inspection was due in January, but I forgot and didn’t get the inspection until March.  Interestingly, my new sticker said I was now inspected until the following March.  Huh, I thought, two free months.  The next year I scheduled my inspection for early April and gained another month, if I continued this for another 8 years, I will have gained a free year, saving myself multiple z-clamp replacements and maybe even hundreds of dollars.

Of course if you believe in the value of inspections, then you think I’m playing with fire, and will surely suffer a breakdown.  I believe playing with fire is one of life’s fine enjoyments, making this experiment all the more worthwhile.  Now I’m not advocating driving months past inspection as that could result in a fine, ruining the whole project, but scheduling your inspection as close to the 1st of the month as possible should happily gain you one month each year.

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