You can’t touch it, but you know it when you have it.

It’s supply is fixed, but we can have lots of it, or none at all.

 It’s fleeting, it stops for no one, and yet it can move painfully slowly on occasion.

Our work, life, and value is often determined by it.

We constantly check it, we buy jewelry and tools to display it.

 It causes us to react differently in different situations.

Until the rather resent past one could never actually buy it, although some were fortunate enough to own it from birth.

Luckily it is now for sale, its purchase price depends largely on how badly you want it, and how much of it you’d like to buy.

Interestingly if you want it really badly and you want lots of it, the price goes down, if you only want a little you will usually pay more.

You see, if you really want it, you will find that it is available in many free forms, the more you utilize the free options, the cheaper its other parts become.

Time as you may have well guessed is not like other things, but given the amazing productivity of our society, it can now be purchased by almost anyone.

Retirement or Financial Independence are really just fancy words for time that has been bought.

If you spend your days enjoying cheap or free activities and pleasures, if you engineer your lifestyle efficiently, each day and month of your time becomes cheaper, allowing you to purchase more of it, at an earlier date.

The supply goes up, the cost comes down.

The opposite will occur in a poorly engineered life.

If you live far from work, the possibility of walking or biking is eliminated because you don’t have time.

The supple goes down, the price goes up.

What are you doing to increase your supply and decrease its cost?  Get to work!

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