My Money-do list for early 2017, 9 Things

Your list my look totally different from mine, the important thing is to analyse your particular situation.  I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, nor do I put much stock in turning the page on the calendar.  However as one year turns to another, it is a convenient time to take a look at your finances and take action for the future.  These 9 items are of importance to my family and our current situation, I hope to address each one over the following weeks, and as they are completed I plan to add updates linked to this article.  They are not listed in order of importance.

  1. Roll over my wife’s old 401k
  2. Update the beneficiary information for all accounts
  3. Create a notebook with all financial and real estate information
  4. Shop for a new bank (I’m not impressed with Wells Fargo)
  5. Look into a Home Equity Line of Credit
  6. Record all dividend income for 2016 including 401k, and 403b accounts
  7. Get a new rewards credit card
  8. Tally all savings, investments, principal pay downs, pension contributions, and charitable donations for 2016
  9. Begin completing my tax preparation forms

What’s on your current money-do list?  Yesterday was a better day to get started then today, but today is a better option then tomorrow, so get to it.

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