Real Estate Report Dec. 2016







My real estate portfolio currently consists of 6 rental units.  The monthly reports will highlight the income and expenses associated with each property as well as the total monthly profits or losses.

December 2016

Total Income: $4,975 – Ahh, if only that was all profit.  Now for the expenses.

  • Mortgages / Loans: $2,878
  • Repairs: $1,015

Monthly Cash-flow: $1,082 (this is a pre-tax number)

But wait, there is some more hidden profit.  Where you ask?  The portion of the loans applied to the principal is a hidden profit, to be realized upon selling the property.

Hidden Profit: $566

Total December 2016 Profit: $1,648

Overall, December was a profitable month.  I didn’t have any tax or insurance expenses (some properties don’t have escrow), I also didn’t owe any utilities.  I only pay for the trash, which I pay for the year each January, the tenants cover all other utilities.  The repair bill was a bit high, however the lions share of those expenses was due to a $600 bill to have a tree trimmed back away from House 6.  Unfortunately, the tree is growing wildly through the fence row of a neighboring property, this tree had grown onto my roof, and would surely soon begin causing leaks, thus I had is cut back to the property line.  This tree will annoy me again in the future.




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