Some taxes are optional

I awoke, much like I do every morning, and will hopefully, continue to do for the foreseeable future.  I put my feet on the floor, stood erect (inspiring envy from countless evolutionary ancestors), and traversed across the house using a bi-ped motion.

I walked.

What an exciting skill.  Using my feet I can easily move my whole body from one place to another.  I wondered if this worked outdoors?  I gingerly stepped outside, delightful; I thought, as I experimented with various surfaces, pavement, concrete, and grass.  Soon, I grew apprehensive certain I would be overtaken by a random act of violence, perpetrated by man or beast.

Is it really safe outside?

Yet, the longer I was out, the more people I saw defying the odds and safely moving via their own locomotion. Predators were no where to be found.  Soon enough, I saw someone traversing the earth with great leaping steps.

My first runner.

Running, I tried it, and loved it.  I could now travel 6-8 miles per hour, my world was shrinking.  Interestingly, these modes of transportation are healthy, fun, and free.  No fuel taxes, no license fees, no foot registration fees (surely this is a positive as the government would likely require me to register each foot separately).  I don’t even need to have my shoes inspected annually.  Soon, I was introduced to a two wheeled contraption that could greatly increase my range.

The bicycle.

Now I could cover 15-20 miles per hour via my own human power.  Now the nervous among us would surely state the obvious danger of traveling on 18 pounds of aluminum and carbon among-st multi-ton steel agents of death, and they’d largely be correct as I don’t wear a seat belt when riding my bike, but otherwise the bicycle is life-giving in a physical and mental healthy way.  And best of all, Uncle Sam says its free.

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