Real Estate Income Report – April 2017

My real estate portfolio currently consists of 6 rental units.  The monthly reports highlight the income and expenses associated with each property as well as the total monthly profits or losses.

March 2017

Total Income: $5,000 – Ahh, if only that was all profit.  Now for the expenses. (One tenant payed a $25 late fee, hence the increase over last month)

  • Mortgages / Loans: $2,913
    • This number should remain the same throughout the year.
  • Repairs: $140 – clogged sewer drain
  • Utilities: $0
  • Insurance: $0
  • Taxes: $630 – county taxes

Monthly Cash-flow: $1,317 (this is a pre-tax number)

But wait, there is some more hidden profit.  Where you ask?  The portion of the loans applied to the principal is a hidden profit, to be realized upon selling the property.

Hidden Profit: $732 (This number actually increases a tiny bit each month, but I don’t get monthly statements showing the principle payment for all my loans, thus I will calculate this amount once per year)

Total April 2017 Profit: $2,049 (Back in black)

Total 2017 Profit: $6,588

Monthly Average Profit: $1,647 – This is an important number, as it will smooth out the fluctuations caused by                                                                         insurance bills, taxes, repairs, etc.

Overall, this month had little to report.  I paid the county taxes for my properties without escrow accounts, and I had a clogged sewer drain.  This created a foul smelling back yard, but otherwise was quickly and easily fixed after just a few phone calls.

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