Real Estate Income Report – May 2017

My real estate portfolio currently consists of 6 rental units.  The monthly reports highlight the income and expenses associated with each property as well as the total monthly profits or losses.

May 2017

Total Income: $5,000 – Ahh, if only that was all profit.  Now for the expenses. (One tenant payed a $25 late fee, again :-))

  • Mortgages / Loans: $2,913
    • This number should remain the same throughout the year.
  • Repairs: $140 – clogged sewer drain (amazingly, this happened two weeks after the first one – at least I knew who to call this time.)
  • Utilities: $0
  • Insurance: $0
  • Taxes: $0 

Monthly Cash-flow: $2,087 (this is a pre-tax number)

But wait, there is some more hidden profit.  Where you ask?  The portion of the loans applied to the principal is a hidden profit, to be realized upon selling the property.

Hidden Profit: $732 (This number actually increases a tiny bit each month, but I don’t get monthly statements showing the principle payment for all my loans, thus I will calculate this amount once per year)

Total May 2017 Profit: $2,819 

Total 2017 Profit: $9,407

Monthly Average Profit: $1,881 – This is an important number, as it will smooth out the fluctuations caused by                                                                         insurance bills, taxes, repairs, etc.

Overall, this month had little to report.  I’ve started looking for a new property to purchase, which is proving much more competitive then any of my previous experiences.  Houses are receiving multiple offers and the flipping market is booming.  Because of this I’m beginning to search for property that is already in decent shape.  I’ll try to provide updates should anything happen with a new investment – right now just looking patiently.

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