Husky Run – A Strength training program for Runners

Runner’s World keeps placing a workout called Iron Strength for Runners on my Facebook feed.  While I do find these exercise programs interesting and somewhat informative, as I occasionally learn a new exercise, I think I have a better workout.

Of course runners should include strength training as part of their training programs, (don’t worry about getting all ripped and huge – if it happened easily you’d actually see people who are ripped and huge out walking around) but why do the workouts usually contain such nonsensical exercises; things like crunches or full sit-ups, leg raises past 90 degrees, or plyometrics without the plyo.  When demonstrating a squat jump, it would be nice to witness the demonstrator actually jump.

It then occurred to me that I have been writing occasionally about my strength training workout, along with the frequency with which I’ve been completing these workouts, but I haven’t shared the details with you.

My workout is a mix of body-weight strength exercises, plyometrics, and muscular endurance exercises.  All exercises are done for 30 seconds, and should be followed by 30 seconds of rest, for a 1 – 1 work to rest ratio.  The entire workout should take about 10 minutes.  They key however is to find a way to complete the workout multiple times per day.  I do the workout with my classes, which I realize is simply not possible for many of you.  A good goal, would be to complete the workout in the morning, post run, again prior to lunch, and finally one more time in the evening.  The workout should be proceeded by a few minutes of warming up; light jogging, jumping rope, or cycling would be three easy examples.

Warm – up Exercises

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Skier Jumps – small quick side to side jumps with both feet together, stay on toes


  • Stride Jumps – freeze yourself in a lunge position, now push off with your front leg, as you jump, switch your    feet, land, slowly deepen your lunge until your back knee is just above the floor, jump again
  • Bounding – run with extended knee lift and exaggerated push off, giant leaping steps, 15-20 yards then stop        and repeat back to your starting point 3-5 reps per 30 seconds
  • 1 step vertical hops – take one strong step with your left leg, immediately off this leg vertically, switch legs


  • V-sit twist – butt on floor, upper body straight and slightly leaning back, legs straight and elevated at least 12    inches, hands together, arms straight, rotate your hands to touch the floor on either side of your body
  • Pushups – back flat, hands slightly wider then shoulders, bend elbows to 90 degrees
  • Squats – feet slightly wider then shoulders, look up towards where the wall meets the ceiling (this helps keep    you upper body in correct position), butt out, bend knees to at least 90 degrees
  • Knee to Elbow – pushup position, arms straight down from shoulders while holding most of your body weigh lift right leg, while leg is lifted bring knee up to touch right elbow, return leg to starting position, repeat with left leg


Be an Animal – Husky Run

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