About Me

First and foremost, I’m a big picture guy.  I don’t get overly concerned with the specific details, as I usually figure things out as I go along.  I started running, then became a runner.  I started saving, and then became and investor.  I bought my first home, then became a landlord.  I got married, then figured out how to share our finances.  Knowing that I dress poorly myself, I had kids and now allow them to share in my misery.

I’m a elementary physical education teacher and high school soccer coach, so teaching, and (hopefully) inspiring others is something I like to do.  I’m hoping this blog can work in much the same way.  I don’t intend to focus intently on details, as there are already numerous blogs that explicitly explain how to save, invest, and become financially self-sufficient.  Rather, I hope to share stories of my journey allowing readers to see the joy in the process, while also sharing some thought provoking information.  I have a variety of interests, and my writing will attempt to reflect this; as I write about fitness, parenting, financial decisions, real estate, and travel.

I haven’t reached my financial goals yet, as I still am the disappointed owner of student loans, and a mortgage, but I hope you join me as my family and I work through the process of eliminating these debts while also investing for our future.

The name of the blog is meant to convey my enjoyment of cycling specifically and exercise generally.  I’m also attempting to encourage people to live an efficient lifestyle, which means you could get your exercise through commuting to work.  An efficient lifestyle also encourages people to focus on their spending habits with the knowledge that saving small amounts over time can allow big numbers to accrue.  Lastly, pedaling is hard work, I am willing to put in the effort to reach my goals.

Please share your thoughts and reactions as this furthers the conversation, and provides me with more topic ideas!