About Me

First and foremost, I’m a big picture guy.  I don’t get overly concerned with the specific details, as I usually figure things out as I go along.  I’m an elementary physical education teacher and high school soccer coach, so teaching, and (hopefully) inspiring others is something I like to do.  I’m hoping this blog can work in much the same way.  I don’t intend to focus intently on details, as there are already numerous blogs that explicitly explain how to save, invest, and become financially self-sufficient.  Rather, I hope to share stories of my journey allowing readers to see the joy in the process, while also sharing some thought provoking information.  I have a variety of interests, and my writing will attempt to reflect this; as I write about fitness, parenting, financial decisions, real estate, and travel.

Please share your thoughts and reactions, as this furthers the conversation, and provides me with more topic ideas!